How the Books work in 196
I.B.E.W. & NECA Negotiated Language
Implemented Per President Hill

I.        Hours of Sign In

     Any time during normal Business hours 8:00 am to 4:30 pm in Person.

II.       Resign Procedures

a.  Resign every Month between the 10th & 16th, any resign received outside of this time
frame  will not count and you will be removed from the books.

b.  Resign via Fax (630-761-1919), e-mail ( ), in person, or
     by regular mail with Name, classification, card number, drivers license, home local

c.  Resign in person on one year anniversary date.

III.      Dispatch Hours and Amount of Turn downs

a.  Referral pick-up 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
b.  Telephone -Agent will call to fill jobs
c.  Registrants will be allowed (2) two turn downs without penalty and will be rolled
     completely off the book for a (3) third turn down.
d.  No answer or no call back will be considered a turn down.
e.   Being unavailable for referral when work would have been offered
shall be considered a
turn down.

f.    Being rejected by the employer will not be considered a turn down.
g.   Must resign in person after being rolled off the books.

IV.      Discharge For Cause

a.  Two (2) discharges for cause in a twelve (12) month period will constitute
     suspension from future referral privileges until member appears before the
     appeals committee.
b.  Applicants wishing to appear before the appeals committee shall submit a written
     request to the Business Manager seeking a hearing before the appeals
c.  The committee is empowered to make determinations that individuals be required
     to take additional journeyman courses if the problem is the individuals' lack of
     knowledge of certain aspects of the trade.  The committee can also decide that
     a warning or continued suspension is warranted, depending on the specifics in
     cases of behavior, attendance or other disciplinary matters, including substance
     abuse.  Also including sec. 3.04 to 3.15 in the collective Bargaining Agreement.
d.  The provision in the collective bargaining agreement states that the decision of
      the neutral person is final and binding.