Basic Union Dues
The new dues for 2017.  The monthly dues went up for A Membership.
The IO raised dues by  $2 per month for 2017 The monthly dues are paid working or not working and
are paid to the local union hall office.  This money is then sent to the IO in Washington, DC for your
membership. BA membership dues are  $18.00 per month. A membership dues are $42 per month.

Monthly Dues                            Total                          

3 Months                                 $126.00     

6 Months                                 $252.00  

12 Months                              $504.00  

We accept MasterCard and Visa.  Checks should be made out to IBEW LU 196.

Outside Construction Working                  3% of Gross Pay        
Under the 6-196-A Agreement                     General Fund (used for the Operation of the Local Union)

Outside Construction Working                  2% of Gross Pay         
Under the 6-196-B Agreement                    General Fund (used for the Operation of the Local Union)

Municipal Workers                                      1% of Gross Pay        
                                                                        General Fund (used for the Operation of the Local Union)
The contractor pays to the Benefit Fund office for you over your hourly wage.  This is not a set dollar
amount but a
true percentage of all hours worked even on overtime hours.

National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP)       25% of Gross Pay  for  "A" Agreement
                                                                             13% of Gross Pay for   "B" Agreement

National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF)        3% of Gross Pay Both "A" & "B" Agreement

To contact the NEAP/NEBF
2400 Research Blvd, Suite 500
Rockville, MD 20850-3266
Phone: (301) 556-4300  Fax: (301) 869-4322

Health Insurance
LINECO                            The contractor pays to LINECO ------ $5.50 for every hour worked

Lineco mailing address:

821 Parkview Blvd.
Lombard IL 60148

Phone: (800) 323-7268 (click to go to Lineco)
Dues & Benefits
Working Assessments
Working assessments are deducted by the employer out of your paycheck.  The working dues fund
the union hall.  They pay the bills and help provide each member fair representation.  This does more
than just protect wages and benefits, it provides a community, a support group, a voice in your work
place and  brings the working man and woman together for the good of many.
Benefits under Outside contracts
IBEW 196 Safety &
Education Fund

The contractor puts in .75%
of your gross wage into a
fund that provide further
training, training equipment,
and safety equipment to help
everyone of our members to
make it home after work
every day.  Check out the
Safety and Ed page.
IBEW 196 & the IBEW
Alliance (USA).
This is a great benefit for
those that Hunt, Fish and
love the outdoors.
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