"Some 8,000 union and community activists converged in New Haven, Conn., Sept. 13 to
support 4,000 Yale University workers seeking fair wages, job security and pension benefits
that will support their families and community."  The preceding quote came from the AFL-CIO
website, 12,000 workers standing together for a common cause in solidarity, now that's

Doctors, nurses, tradesmen, teachers, professional workers, janitors, bartenders, wait staff,
lawyers, mechanics, etc...  These are all careers who join and support unions, International
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 196 (LU 196) believes that every worker
regardless of career choice deserves to reap the benefits of unionism.  We are all workers, and
all we have is each other to lean on when times get tough, and if we stand together we can
accomplish a lot more than if you stand alone, numbers talk.  Good pay, health benefits, decent
working conditions, and better job security isn't that what we are all after?  Without each other
these goals are very difficult to achieve.  LU 196 is committed to helping workers organize their
work place no matter what your job may be.
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